Echo light

A Revolutionary New
Visual Media Presentation Platform

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Leveraging cutting edge video projectors combined with state-of-the-art operating systems, EchoLight brings video viewing into the subway.

How it works

From a projection cabinet installed on the inside of the subway car, EchoLight projects video content through the window onto the tunnel wall transforming it into a television-like screen.


The video below is taken from field-testing demonstrations of the EchoLight.

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A visual media experience is more engaging than printed advertising and with audio media synchronization the experience is further enhanced to provide superior impressions.

42nd Street Shuttle Potential Projection Time

Projection time per run:

1 : 30 min

Runs per day:


Projection Time per Day:

290 min

Per Week:


Per Month:


Per Year:


Revenue Potential of One Video Projector

Blended Per Minute Rate:

$ 1.75

Gross Revenue

Per day:

$ 500

Per Week:

$ 3500

Per Month:

$ 14000

Per Year:

$ 170000

*Estimates based on one projector

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Advertising options are limited only by budget and video media is fast becoming the medium of choice for advertisers even in public areas.

Visual Impact

Compelling video creates a memorable subway experience and makes riders into viewers.


Blue tooth-enabled audio streaming provides riders with a full viewing experience.

Daily Commuters

With 100,000 daily commuters, the 42nd Street Shuttle provides a highly valued viewership to advertisers.

Dynamic Content

Wireless streaming of video allows for content to be tailored to time of day, day of the week or other factors for discrete targeting.

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